Born 1984, Harare, Zimbabwe

Nicole is a Zimbabwean born artist. She grew up on a tobacco farm in Nyazura, where she nurtured her talent and developed her artistic skills from a very young age, later completing her degree in Fine Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, USA in 2006. Thereafter Nicole lived and worked in New York gaining valuable experience spending time in the many famous art galleries and museums. She has also spent time painting in the South of France, Zambia, Zimbabwe  and more recently in China.

Inspired by spirituality in nature and emotional connection, she creates from a deep sense of calm.  She focuses on movement, light, pattern, emotion, the interpretation of colour and flow of composition. Her primary choice of medium is oil paint on canvas. Her choice of subject has varied over the past few years from nudes, portraiture, landscapes and more recently incorporating birds into her portfolio.

Nicole has travelled extensively, residing in several towns and countries and has exhibited in the USA, France, Zambia, Zimbabwe and China. Now settled in Harare with her husband and daughter, Nicole is focusing on her painting career more than ever and looks forward to an exciting future and a progressive and successful career.

I am you. I am me. I am flight. I am free.

“THE MASTER IN THE ART OF LIVING draws no distinction between work and play, labor and leisure, mind and body, education and recreation. Simply pursue your vision of excellence through whatever you are doing! Leave others to determine whether you are working or playing! To yourself, it always feels that you are doing both!!” (Abraham Hicks Publications)